How to schedule Zapier only at the weekend?

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A question that I hear quite often regarding Zapier is “How do I schedule Zapier only to run at the weekend?”

There is no built in option to filter by weekend or weekday, but it’s really quite straightforward with the help a Formatter by Zapier step and Filter by Zapier step.

This step by step guide explains how. You can also watch a short video below.

How to run a Zap only at the weekend - Step by Step

  1. Create a Formatter by Zapier step using the Date/Time Event and select Format from the Transform dropdown:How to run a Zap only at the weekend - Formatter Image
  2. Choose the Format option, and in the input field type {{zap_meta_human_now}} this tells Zapier to use the current date and time when the Zap runs.
  4. Next, in the To Format field select Custom, and in the input field type ddd.Zapier Formatter Image 2
  6. You can set the time zone to suit your own location if you wish.
  8. Click Continue then Test and Review and you’ll see that it outputs the day in short format eg Sun or Tue.
  10. Next, create a Filter by Zapier step, and under Filter Setup & Testing enter the following in the only continue if fields Select the Output from the previous step, in the first dropdown.
  12. Select (Text) Contains, in the next dropdown. Enter S in the Enter value field. Zapier Filter Image
  14. Click Continue and you’ll see that the Zap would have run. Now you can create your next action step and it will run only on a Saturday or Sunday.

The reason this works is that the short form names for the days of the week only contain an S on a Saturday and Sunday.

If you want the Zap to only run on weekdays, then all you need to do is change the (Text) Contains, to (Text) Does not contain and this will set it to run on weekdays but not weekends.

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