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See how automation can save time in your business

This is the Reality of Running a business.

Growing your business is hard and just finding enough time in the day is a huge challenge.  If you are like most people I work with, you never seem to have enough time in the day to get everything done. In fact you probably wake up worrying about how much work you have ahead of you in the day.

 You started this business because you love what you do and want to help your clients …

…not spend your days doing lots of repetitive and mundane tasks!

The truth is:

Working into the weekend or evenings is not   the answer

I’ve been there so I know your pain, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

If this is you


You need to get out of the time trap so it’s time to…

identify The Tasks That Are Holding You Back and AUTOMATE them

Imagine how it will feel when you have:

  • No more repetitive tasks taking your focus away from what really matters.
  • Peace of mind, that the day to day administrative tasks are done without the of human error.
  • Freedom to do what you want to do with your time, whether that is spending more time with the family, focussing on your client relationships or taking decisions that will grow your business.
  • Real down time; just knowing that those tasks are being done on time every time, without you needing to do them.

Is Automation right for my business?

I’ve helped clients in the UK and US, to implement automation in their businesses and every one of them has realised the benefits.

Some just needed small automations to resolve an annoying little task that frustrated them and for others I’ve implemented much larger automations that have changed the way they work completely.

Here are just a few of the ways automation can work for you

  • On board new clients or staff
  • Automate information gathering for projects,
  • Automate book keeping processes to speed up filing of invoices or issuing monthly payroll requests
  • Synchronise data between multiple systems saving time and reducing human error
  • Automatically route support requests to the correct teams depending on what data is submitted
  • Improve team communication, by automating notifications for specific events


In depth review of the software and processes you currently use to carry out your work. Allowing you to see what what tasks can be automated.


Identify "quick win" automations that can be implemented easily and swiftly. Create a priority list of automations showing how much time can be saved.


You'll get a report on what automations you should consider, based on our session, and proposals for taking those forward to completion.

Explore the possibilities for
automating your business

Review The Tasks

We review the tasks that you are currently doing manually to get a more in depth understanding of how these tasks are done and how much time could be saved through automation.

Assess The Software

An assessment of the software that you currently use is made, to identify what automation potential they have. Additional investigation is done to assess the API capabilities of the software and how we might leverage those to automate the things that are taking up your time. We also advise of any additional software that would help you get even more benefit.

Report and Prioritise.

You will receive a breakdown of the tasks that can be automated with an indication of the time savings that could be gained, and a recommendation on what priority you should consider implementing these. You’ll also get some suggestions about the most appropriate tools you should use based on your specific situation

Implementation Recommendations

Finally you will receive recommendations on how you can take the plan forward either doing it yourself, doing it with some assistance, or having it done for you.

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You’ll have a clear understanding of what automations are possible, how they can be implemented and what time savings can be achieved.

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1:1 Review Meeting

Software and Process Analysis

Detailed breakdown of automations and priorities

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are currently doing repetitive administrative tasks then automation can definitely save you time. How much will depend on many factors and that’s what our exploration session is designed for.
If you choose to create the automations yourself all you need is the time and perhaps $29 per month for the automation tools. As time is at a premium most businesses ask me to help with the implementation. In that case there will be some costs, but when you consider that just automating one simple weekly 30 minute task will save you over 25 hours a year, the value gained through automation usually more than covers the initial costs.
You can do it yourself, many of the automation tools require little or no coding experience, but we find that most of our clients either need some assistance from us or are happy for us to do the work for them as it saves any learning curve. However you decide to proceed I can help
Most of the mainstream cloud based software packages can easily be integrated using the automation tools we use. In some rare instances it may not always be possible to directly integrate one piece of software with another, but we make every effort to find a suitable solution and will always advise you up front of any potential issues.
That depends on what it is you need to automate. Some clients just want a few simple automations which may take just a few hours, Others may want a great many tasks automated, in which case we will work out a plan and break down each automation into individual projects so that you get an estimate of time and costs and decide the best plan for implementation.